Welcome to the Green Pastures Movement
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What makes Green Pastures Dairy Milk so good? Our cows are happy.

What makes our cows happy? The goodness of the grass they eat.

And what makes the grass so good? Our strong, nutrient-rich soil.

And what makes our soil so healthy? We’ve gone back to basics to create a natural, organic fertiliser.

It’s that simple, and that good. In fact it’s been so good we’re using far less insecticides and herbicides, returning the soil to its natural, healthy state.

We call it the green pastures movement.
Healthy soil, healthy cows, healthy milk. It’s only natural!

Our Milk

It’s only natural that our milk should taste so good! It’s from happy, healthy free range cows fed on healthy grass. It’s what the Green Pastures Movement is all about – back to basics farming with less pesticides, less herbicides and the best natural fertiliser going around. Pick up your new-look Green Pastures Milk in a Coles store near you!

Our Cows

What makes our happy, healthy cows produce tasty, healthy milk?

Our Fertiliser

The secret to our success can be found in our very special fertiliser!

Meet Our Farmers

Get to know our busy, friendly Green Pastures farming families.

  • Boyd Family
    Boyd FamilyJohn & Anne
  • Davis Family
    Davis FamilyReggie, Tanya, Hayley, Lachie, Ebony & Chloe
  • McGlade Family
    McGlade FamilyTim, Sally, Billy, Jack, Hannah & Aimee
  • Van Donk Family
    Van Donk FamilyPete, Libby, Lilli, Ella, Emily & Adam
  • Whiting Family
    Whiting FamilyAndrew, Linda, Harrison, Olivia, Cooper & Ellen

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