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Without dairy cows, you don’t have a dairy

And you can’t have a healthy dairy, producing healthy milk without healthy cows. At Green Pastures we believe our animals are our most important asset, which is why we take care of them to the highest possible standard. Every Green Pastures farm has a strict Charter of Responsibility that we adhere to.

Free-range farming = Happy Cows

All our cows are free range. They’re not kept in a free stall, tie barn or a feedlot-housed environment. Our cows roam free, with pasture under their hoofs and the sky over their heads. We don’t dock our cow’s tails. We let nature determine a calving schedule. We don’t induce for our convenience. We don’t use mass feeding of antibiotics. Each cow is treated on a case-by-case basis, under the strict supervision of a Vet. A Green Pastures cow on antibiotics is taken out of the milking herd and only reintroduced when the antibiotics are out of the cow’s system. All our cows are inspected at least once, every day. And the use of hormones is strictly forbidden.

Happy Farms

Everything comes back to the overall health of our farms. Because of our farming practices we’re using up to 90% less chemicals. That means our soil is healthier, meaning we’re growing the best quality grass we can – and that’s because the health of our animals is always top of mind. We want to give our cows a better quality of life, because a healthier happy cow gives healthy, fresh milk.