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Let’s get back to basics for a moment. To put it bluntly just one cow can produce a lot of… well, poo. There, we said it. Poo. And on a dairy farm there are a lot of dairy cows and a lot of poo. But instead of all that waste going to waste, we’ve decided to do something about it, and with it. The waste from our cows is recycled to create natural, organic compost to fertilise our soil.

That means it greatly reduces – and in some cases entirely replaces – the use of chemical fertilisers, insecticides and herbicides. That’s what the Green Pastures Movement is all about – working with Mother Nature, not against her and returning the soil to its natural, healthy state.

This healthy soil means better grass. It has more nutrients in it. It has a stronger root system. It’s healthier, and the cows love it. Better grass going in means great, wholesome milk coming out. Simple!

The Green Pastures Story

The Davis, Whiting, Van Donk, McGlade and Boyd families from southwestern Victoria form The Green Pastures Movement. We’re multi-generation farming families with a firm commitment to creating healthy products, healthy farming practices and a healthy business that we can pass on to the next generation.

Our Vision

To create a world-class brand that we can be proud of.

A brand that inspires, promotes and drives the agricultural industry so that it once again becomes economically viable, where farmers are fairly rewarded for their effort and our communities can thrive for the benefit of all Australians.

To lead the world in better farming practices.

To inspire other farmers to join us, and farm in a way that significantly reduces our carbon footprint, our reliance on chemicals and our impact on the environment, creating better farms with healthier soil, animals and produce.

To create a legacy.

To give consumers cleaner, greener, better and healthier products.
To inspire our children and provide them with a future in farming.

A dairy farming revolution

In an industry known for pricing challenges and ownership by huge multinationals, we are aiming to revolutionise the way the Australian Dairy Industry, if not the world, produces milk. Over the past five years we’ve taken risks and challenged convention, all for a desire to provide Australian families with a healthier milk made on healthier farms.

Real results

The results have been dramatic. By incorporating the best of organic and conventional farming practices, our farms have reduced their carbon footprint significantly, reduced the use of synthetic fertiliser by up to 90%, seen a vast improvement in soil health including worm count, as well as a decrease in vet bills as stock roam freely in healthier pastures.

By taking matters into our own hands, we’ve launched our own brand of milk, distributed though Coles supermarkets. We’re also looking to ensure both environmental and financial sustainability for our own family farms while being a positive role model for the Australian dairy industry.